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TextFlow is an emotionally intelligent technology platform that helps humans communicate.

Products and services

Message Analytics

The TextFlow™ mobile app examines your texts, emails, and social media posts in context and tells you how others are likely to perceive them - and you. Whether it's a cover letter, a sales pitch, or a text to someone special, send the right message - every time!

Relationship Analytics

TextFlow Dynamics™ silently monitors all communications between you and your partner(s), providing real-time alerts when possible harmful patterns are detected, along with a daily report on the health of your relationships.

Team Analytics

TextFlow for Teams™ integrates with Slack, Google Apps, and other office messaging systems, and helps employees to work together smoothly and to express their differences in constructive ways. Managers are given a window into day-to-day employee engagement, satisfaction, and personal growth.

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About us

Alex Adams

Alex is a linguist, specializing in phonology and natural language processing. He cunningly joined the team at TextFlow shortly after its inception.

Sam Rahimi

Sam dropped everything and flew all the way to San Francisco after seeing an ad on Craigslist for a pet Unicorn. You can imagine how well that went. He decided to stay in the Bay and build his own. And here we are.

Melanie McDougall

Melanie is a Talent Engineer & Community Builder with 10 years experience in the non-profit and technology sectors. She has an MA in Organizational Behavior; her thesis examined the role of emotional intelligence in negotiation outcomes.